Welcome to my world full of hair buns, all wrapped up in travel, adventure, fashion and photography!  Yes, it may seem like a lot but I’m easily distracted.  For example, one day, I’m really into fashion, especially shoes.  The next, I’m trying to explain why I’ve worn all black, flat shoes and a hair bun for almost two years.  Another day, I’m attending makeup seminars to find the best products for a sun kissed look on a Caribbean cruise.  Then, I’m explaining why joining an extreme snowboarding group on a trip to Japan would eliminate the need for makeup entirely.  I actually wanted to call this, “The woman, who loves to travel and is easily distracted,” but my focus group (friends) said “no”.  Bah hum bug!  

My friends did agree with the fact that I wear a hair bun more than I should… oh and that I’m really into something one day and totally bored with it the next.  I’m a true Sagittarius.  I can’t help it.  The only thing that remains constant is my love for change.  You see what I did there, right? *wink* Some nicely describe me as a free-spirit but honestly, if there was a picture next to the word distractible, it would be me grinning with my passport in one hand and a “Random New Skill for Dummies” book in the other.  I enjoy learning new things.  I enjoy meeting new people.  I truly just enjoy being me-doing what I want, whenever I want! 
I just want to live!  I refuse to wait until someone joins me.  I refuse to put things off until I lose 40 lbs.  I refuse to wait until I win the Powerball.  Instead, I've decided that my time here on this Earth is precious and I will enjoy every minute of it.  I've challenged myself to punch fear in the face.  Therefore, I'm choosing to live the way I want and how I want ...no excuses.  Lastly, I've chosen to document my journey because I hope that it will inspire others to do the same.